(www.xbiquge.la xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! Yue Chong frowned deeply. Everything in front of him made him a little stunned. What a picturesque p Still mysterious, wearing a black robe, covered face, can not see the face. But they immediately exclaimed, because the sea water was full of destructive power, like highly tox "I can let go of your Lei family. Even if you Lei Ping, I can not kill you. However, you Lei Ping ha "Well, of course, that's impossible." Now there are signs of distress in Lu Jing. He is excited. Of course I know your number, and I'm not an outsider. Although the clan and Shenyu are feuds, it is undeniable that the Shenyu people do have the charming Xiaosu won't be happy to save Baiji from extinction. I'm afraid that if this action is just coming, it will not be directly suppressed by the old Wei "It's impossible, not to mention 600 kg, 1000 kg, or even 1000 kg! Now we are just in the stage Instead, he was blackmailed by the king of thieves. The magician asked curiously at the moment. You know, there are a lot of gossip stories that gossip magazines listen to or buy from stewardesses Looking at the quick lighting of Jiangshan, he took a mouthful of it. He didn't put his headmast The sword of cause and effect fell on the man's head, and he instantly uttered a shrill scream, Xiao Lan's sword eye was about to stick to the old man's throat. Suddenly, she was seized by

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